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Album release show!

Feb 5th 2016
Society of Wonder presents:
Geist & the Sacred Ensemble 
(album release for Within) 
(w/Oomung Varma on tabla and Nathan Gibson on modular synth)
(member of Million Brazilians and co founder of Psychic Sounds Research)
(lush tapestries and hauntingly inviting dreamscapes from Gold Bar, Wa)

Old Light and Wishing Well Installation by Loose Noose

Show starts promptly at 9 pm
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW Seattle, Wa
$5-15 sliding scale donation

 Take a look into our show from the
Tilton Forge & Foundry
on 12/12/15
A big thanks to everyone involved who helped make this show happen.

***Top photo and gifs by Ambrosia Bartosekulva
** 2nd-4th photos from top by Alex Hines
* 5th photo from top by Joe Freeman

Song Premiere  Ode To A Greay Sky” on New Noise Magazine
From our next release 
February 5th 2016