A write up courtesy of The Stranger's Dave Segal. Its for our upcoming show on Sunday, February 13th at the Comet Tavern. 

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, Mangled Bohemians, Saint Siren

(Comet) Portland duo Mangled Bohemians play a mellow brand of psychedelia that expertly balances languidness and eeriness—think Spacemen 3's "Call the Doctor." It can be viewed as a kind of fluid, shivery freak folk that provides an escape valve into another dimension where time and responsibilities aren't crushing you into urgent activity; you can sense that Mangled Bohemians' music offers a portal to the infinite. Seattle's Geist & the Sacred Ensemble ramble with more fire and propulsion, while also maintaining a deep appreciation for the pagan-folk vibe of The Wicker Mansoundtrack. You'd think a group called Geist & the Sacred Ensemble would have trouble living up to that lofty name, but these guys radiate serious intensity and sublimity onstage. DAVE SEGAL