Weekend Performances

June 8th 
SWAHILI (PDX)  Release party for Swahili's self-titled debut LP:
“there is nothing about this music that is by the book. [...] The percussion beats you over the head while the synths sound like the end of the world. It’s a sonic fucking monument.” - Experimedia

MIDDAY VEIL  Also a release party for INTEGRATRON, a limited edition cassette of improvisations recorded in an acoustically perfect geodesic dome situated on a geomagnetic vortex in the California desert:

There’s nothing out there that replicates this band.  It simply must be heard....."-Foxy Digitalis 
"In Search of Fabled Lands" limited edition cassette currently available via TLO records

GLASS TUNNELS  Spectral post-rock with a theramin!


June 9th 3 to 9 pm

As announced:
Thirty-six live and work spaces make up the top three floors of the Historic Frank B Cooper School also known as Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle. The old school classrooms were converted to affordable studio apartments and house artists of varied disciplines such as sculpture, video, film, music, creative writing, photography, painting and many others.

Artists will open their home studios to the public to show the “Curious Creatures” in their natural habitat. Visitors can tour each floor of the building where residents will showcase their art, both in their studios and on two performance stages in the building. Music, performance art, theatre sketches, and poetry readings will continue throughout the day.

On the first floor, arts-based nonprofits will host interactive activities for all ages. 

Entrance and all performances and activities are free, and some artists will offer their art for sale.  
We will be performing an all acoustic set in an installation created in the stairwell by fellow residents.