Start of Tour//Performance Thoughts

Thanks to BAD FOR JAZZ for presenting and Gallery 1412 for hosting a wonderful evening on Saturday. 
Improvising an entire performance is an exciting, sometimes daunting and yet a necessary challenge for us as band. While the songs we play from our recorded material in other performances do allow for some improv. There are audio cues worked out a few days or weeks before. When we accept to do an improv show; we're improvising the entire night. We didn't even know how or what we were going to set up until it was time for us to play! Improv performances to us are continually a learning experience and experiment with sound, listening and choices. Even if it means failing and growing right before your very ears and eyes. Its a challenge in necessary roughness that I think all musicians should experience at least once if not many times. 

Now its time to start packing. We hit the road on Wednesday for our Fall Gallery, Radio and Houses tour. This was a great way to start things off. Thanks again to BAD FOR JAZZ for inviting us to perform.