Dig In Sessions out now

What is this you ask?- 

Over the years (2012-present) we have recorded most of our practices. Sometimes, practice turns into improvised playing and listening which we call "Digs". We say Digs because whether you're digging a hole or creating music in the moment, it is the terrain that dictates the approach. The Dig could become a foundation for something bigger than itself or covered up and forgotten. We want to share a side of our sound that you may not always hear live.

What can you expect?

Tracks ranging from 30 seconds to 90+ minutes. You'll hear us getting noise-y, drone-y, rock 'n roll-y and yes, even a little goofy. These are lo-fi recordings that have not been mastered or mixed and barely touched after the fact. We have hours and hours of unreleased completely on the fly improvised Digs. 

Every 6 months we'll release 6 new Dig's on the "Dig In Sessions" album. If you can't wait 6 months, sign up to receive our monthly Newsletter! You'll get to hear a new Dig each month leading up to the public release. 

***Please note this album will be deleted in 6 months and will be replaced by another 6 Digs.