July 13th @nwfilmforum we're excited to present our score for the 1923 silent Finnish Film 'The Lumberjack's Bride' directed by Erkki Karu. This is a one time event! ******************************************************************** *About the director and film: Erkki Karu was a pioneer of Finnish cinema, founding its first production company, Suomi-Filmi (fully Suomen Filmikuvaamo) in 1919 and producing and directing the fledgling country’s first films from 1920 onwards. Producing over 40 films and directing over 20, Karu defined the look and content of the Finnish industry and heralded it into its Golden Age in the 1930s. In The Lumberjack’s Bride, a tragic lumberjack rafting accident and the drowning of a young man leads to a rift in a small Finnish village and upheaves the marriage prospects of the young man’s sister, Hanna. A love triangle gets out of hand when murder is being considered, and what better way to make a murder look like an accident than by all indulging in some hearty river rafting. The impressive climax of the film was shot with six cameras and there was more than one dangerous incident during the production of the film. ******************************************************************** Screening/performance details: Sat July 13th// 8pm//$16 general admission// at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, Wa. ******************************************************************** #filmscore #silentfilm #rarefilm #blackandwhitefilm #livescore #music #nwfilmforum #lumberjacksandlogrollers