"...brooding, hypnotic music that fans of any type of psychedelia should sink their ears into." - Brooklyn Vegan 

"...somewhere between Tribes of Neurot, Nick Cave and Swans at their most contemplative...Geist and his collaborators examine Western culture’s withering empathy and booming consumerism on their upcoming Waning Hymns LP. But Geist isn’t content to just observe and reprimand. Waning Hymns offers hope and understanding amid desolate soundscapes and turbulent times." - Decibel Magazine 

"this isn’t an album for casual listening.These somber, enveloping sound baths exist to cause spiritual epiphanies and open obscure pathways within the individual. I can't recommend it on the basis of catchy leads and hard riffs—because in many ways, Waning Hymns directly contrasts with the concept of music as a consumable product. In that regard, the album is a solid victory against the frivolities of mainstream culture." - Metal Injection

"Geist and the Sacred Ensemble are a tough band to pigeonhole.  To even call them a band seems like an oversimplification, when they’re more of a collective or organization, combining music, aesthetic and ideology seamlessly into one amoeba-like unit.  Take one part Swans, one part Inter Arma, one part Ulver and one part Crass and you might come close to what Waning Hymns sounds like.  Then again, maybe not.  It’s an album that begs a deeper dive than just seeing what box it can be shoved into, a whole greater than just the sum of its influences."

"It couldn’t be a more appropriate spectre of what alienation and dissociation so many are feeling in 2020 and I’d greatly appreciate the crossing of mind-altering tunefulness and direct lyricism, as such there is no mistaking the desired effect however it may land...I found myself leaning into it, loving it enough to recommend its doomed and ‘lost’ folk sound." - Grizzly Butts ...From the Tomb